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“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

Zen Shin

On your wedding day there may be a lot of questions that will be asked of you or you may have everything planned down to a T.  Either way Raes' wants to make sure that all of your questions about the makeup process are answered before hand so there is no added stress.


Before The Day Begins

Raes' will arrive to your pre-determined location on wedding day at least 15-30 minutes early to set up our makeup station. We will then wait the arrival of our first client. The best way to ensure that we are staying on track with time is to set up a schedule beforehand so each wedding party member knows when they should be getting hair & makeup done. The schedule will be printed out by Raes' and kept in our working area for reference.





Timing is key to you on your wedding day. Our typical makeup application is 45 minutes per bridesmaid. Raes' will always require 1 hour with our bride even if all of that time is not used. If timing is an issue we can add an additional artist to cut down on the hours spent getting ready. (This detail is also something that is to be planned in advance.) In our experience taking payment beforehand for the total of the group is the easiest way to eliminate confusion & any last minute hurried feelings the day of the wedding.





Prep Your Skin

With time constraints in mind, the value of the next statement is VERY important. Raes' will need you to arrive prepared for your makeup application. What this means is we need you to arrive with NO makeup on, none at all. We would prefer if you had cleansed & washed your face the night before & cleansed & washed your face the morning of as well. Following with a light moisturizer in the morning is ideal. If you come with an entire face of makeup on (which has happened before) it drastically slows the flow & timing down. Not to mention removing all the of the makeup is nearly impossible with out actually cleansing the face. We also recommend using a skin care regimen months prior to your wedding day. We would love to help you pick out what skin care is best for you !


Touch Ups

Once the makeup application is complete & we finish with the entire wedding party, we will do touch ups before we leave. Generally this will consist of  touching up lips, or blotting any excess oil off.



Before leaving we will take pictures of each bridesmaid & the bride. We are completely aware that you more than likely have paid a photographer to take professional pictures. However on the off chance the photographers editing style is not in line with how we would like our makeup to be represented, we want to ensure we have images of our work we can use.