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"If the skin looks beautiful everything else will look great. Skin is the most important part of makeup."

François Nars 

Why I joined Beautycounter

I joined Beautycounter at a time in my life where I wanted EVERY SINGLE toxic thing eliminated from my life. All the way down to products I was using on myself & in our house. I was shocked to find out how under regulated the beauty industry is, & how far behind the US is in product safety.  I now realize this journey has been a total transformation for me & Beautycounter was the catalyst to set me on this trip. What I have learned so far in my non toxic journey is immense in the product category & just as vast on the personal side

I chose Beautycounter because our mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Through three pillars we achieve this goal. 

  • Advocating- we advocate for more regulation on our products, because we care about the health of everyone. 

  • Education- we educate others on ingredients that are potentially harmful & should be avoided.

  • Products- Lastly we created products to fill the void in the market. 

Favorite products:

How can I even just choose a few? In all seriousness I LOVE our SPF. I'll mention it numerous times a month. Mineral spf with a tint & still in an air powered spray bottle. I LOVE all of our makeup powders. The launch of this was huge & I got the whole collection when it came out. As you know I'm a freelance MUA & its important to me to have high preforming products. I wouldn't use them if they weren't AMAZING. For skincare favorites I'm so excited because we have a new launch on a skincare line that is so revolutionary in the industry that I could scream with excitement. Countertime & our retinatural complex is about to make waves! It deserves a spot here because I know its going to be THAT awesome.